Rev. Greg & Elaine Robertson Pastor

Pastor Greg and Elaine have been senior pastors of Rogersville Assembly of God since 2008

Pastor Greg and his wife have been married 36 years, have three children and two grandchildren. He has served as a youth pastor, associate and lead pastor. Prior to entering the full time ministry over 20 years ago, he owned his own business as a renovation contractor. Now he also volunteers in the community and serves as governance consultant for federal Head Start programs.

One of his greatest joys is being able to work with his wife at his side every day. "We stay connected and even find ourselves talking on the phone on the way home from the office if we drive separate vehicles."


In his free time you will find him working on some project at the house. Working with his hands has always been one of his passions.


Another joy of his is playing with the grandchildren and getting them in trouble for trying what grandpa said to do!

I love more than anything, leading people to Christ and teaching them about the scriptures.

Pastor Greg

Pastor Christina Hansen Children's Pastor

Pastor Christina Hansen attended Central Bible College for 3 years and finished out the last year of her undergraduate at Evangel University in May 2014 with a degree in Intercultural Studies. She has previously served in Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, South Dakota, and Alaska in the area of Children’s ministry. She loves kids and longs for them to breakthrough to a deeper understanding of having a relationship with Jesus.

“The idea of changing the world is utter nonsense…. Unless you’re a children’s pastor, then it may be possible.”

Roger Fields

Our Youth Pastor position is currently available